When there is already so much to do, CareShare takes the pain out of record keeping and streamlines handovers – no more writing things down.

CareShare enables you to record everything you need for service users –  from Allergies to Activities, Reviews to Reminiscence – and to evidence the quality of care you provide.

The 2018 Health and Social Care Standards are embedded within the system making it easy to monitor and track how well the new criteria are being met.

Care staff will spend less time on repetitive and time consuming administrative tasks, time spent on shift handovers and care plan updating will be reduced.  Information can be disseminated to team members easily and accurately. In terms of day to day management CareShare enables owners and managers to interrogate data, extract reports and carry out statistical analyses quickly and reliably. 

Relatives can also be given access to information specific to their relatives, for example appointments and activities. Customisable permissions allow you to choose what information you share.

Who is it for?

The system has been developed with the people using it in mind; it is a simple but powerful tool for individual, team, organisational and group level use.  Extensive research ensures it meets the requirements of service users, relatives, managers, staff and the Regulatory Agencies. CareShare is ideal for both group and individual Care Homes; we are happy to discuss tailoring the system for Care Home Groups.